Online Booking Tool

Concur Travel Booking Tool

Kanoo Travel has partnered with Concur the worldwide leading Corporate Online Booking Tool. The Concur Travel Booking Tool offers corporate customers an easy to use, value for money, travel booking management system. Users can book our negotiated airfares alongside published and negotiated hotel and car rates at the click of a mouse. The system uses a familiar looking user interface, and allows for traveller information such as Corporate Loyalty Schemes and passport information to be automatically transferred to relevant suppliers and authorities.

Features of Concur Travel

  • Broad inventory allows global booking solutions
  • Reports guide informed decisions
  • Travel Booking policy keeps travellers compliant
  • Mobile App streamlines business travel
  • Trip link app provides insight for direct bookings as well as bookings through Concur
  • 24/7 Navigation Support
  • Link to Trainline
  • Leverages Visual Guilt to Drive Savings