Cost Saving


Maximised Savings

By partnering with us, your travellers will see the benefits derived from our Global reach and size passed on to you locally.

We have developed end-to-end strategies and solutions that help our clients dramatically reduce the total cost of business travel while delivering exceptional service to their travellers.

We can do the same for you with a tailored travel management programme that includes:

  • Highly competitive rates and added amenities with our preferred suppliers
  • Access to web fares and low cost carriers
  • Knowledgeable, pro-active account management to drive and measure programme performance
  • Unused refundable e-ticket management
  • Travel policy consulting and controls to ensure compliance online and offline
  • Strategic faring for maximum savings on complex international itineraries

All of these solutions, when combined into a cohesive managed programme, will help to drive down the total cost of travel for your company.


Our negotiated supplier rates drive quantifiable savings to your bottom line and enable you to benefit from the best deals and prices available. You get access to special rates on air, hotel and car bookings that can stand alone or to be used to supplement your own negotiated rates.


Through our global buying power we can provide you with a broad choice of rates, from the cheapest possible rate to the most flexible rate. We guarantee to provide the lowest rate available for the class of travel chosen.

Travellers will receive the lowest fare available at the time of booking for each trip. If they find a cheaper rate for the same flight and conditions at the time of booking, we will reimburse the cost difference.


We have an automated system comparison in place for negotiated fares, low cost carrier and published fares to ensure the lowest logical fare is clearly displayed both online and offline.


When selecting a travel management partner many companies focus on the transaction fee; however, this fee typically only accounts for a small percentage of a company’s overall spend.

We offer competitive transaction fees, but will also help you optimise spend on your actual travel costs, helping you drive savings across 100 percent of your total travel and entertainment costs.

We can help you control your travel and entertainment spends, not only across the traditional categories of air, car and hotel, but also in additional categories such as airport parking, dining, car service, web and audio conferencing.

The transaction fee relates to the work carried out in making an actual booking — our fees for booking trips online and offline are amongst the most competitive in the industry.