Account Management

iStock-619066024.jpgPERSONALISED SERVICE

  • Personalised service through a small team of UK based highly experienced travel counsellors. Average 16 years experience
  • One stop shop for all your travel bookings; air, hotel, car and rail.
  • After hours support 24/7, who have access to your traveller profiles, preferences and booking itineraries.
  • We are able to provide the best advice if you have a requirement to book online.
  • Global in more than 140 countries*


During the implementation process a responsible Client Manager will analyse the travel management programme and develop with you relevant targets according to your corporate goals. Based on our analysis, assessments and goals you will receive a detailed business plan for your approval.

The main tasks of a CGM are:

  • Coordination of an efficient and global implementation process
  • Support your travellers by providing information material (electronic welcome kit and/or seminars) and trainings aimed to improve travel management programme, travel policies and initiatives.
  • Selection, adjustment and provision of the best suitable management information.




*American Express GBT Partner Network